Developing software is time consuming. This solution has taken the better part of all my free time for a couple of years now. Getting something back would make it easier to also spend future time on this.

The software is open source, and you can use it for free, but if you feel it has value, you can support the development by donating or becoming a patron, paying a fee of your choice.


It would be very nice to get more developers on board, and become a team. If you satisfy the following criteria, I would be happy to get help on developing this further:

  • Professional or experienced developer
  • Know JavaScript
  • Write automated tests for your code
  • Use node-red-contrib-power-saver
  • Want to collaborate on further development

Please contact me, for example by making a [GitHub issue(] explaining what you would like to do.

The first and most important task now, is to make support for getting grid tariff from all suppliers.


It would be very nice to get more examples into the documentation. If you have made something smart, please describe in a markdown-file and either send me, or preferably make a pull request on GitHubopen in new window.

Bug reports

If you find a bug, please describe it thoroughly and make a GitHub issueopen in new window. If the bug is related to the scheduling, please provide the full output from output 3 on the strategy node.


If you have ideas for new features, please make a GitHub issueopen in new window and describe it as detailed as possible.


Main developer: Otto Paulsenopen in new window

Heat Capacitor developer: Arne Klavenessopen in new window

Example contributors: Stefanopen in new window, Kim Storøyopen in new window

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